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Facts About French Bulldogs

Published / by Jose Hill

French Bulldogs are cute little puppy that are popularly known for their mischievous nature. TO know more about this breed of dog, there are some general facts about them. They are as below;

  1. Origin: The French bulldogs have their ancestors from England. They were first emerged in England, back in the period of later half in 19th Being small and tiny or rather categorized as undersized in England, they got exported to an interesting history about French Bulldogs at
  2. Description: This French bulldog while standing is 12 inches in height and its weight is approx. 19 to 28 pounds. It has a large square shaped head, wise set of dark eyes with bulky body. It has a smooth coat, a tail which is straight by nature and bat like ears.Facts About French Bulldogs
  3. Life Expectancy: The French bulldogs are generally short lived as compared to other breed of dogs. They have an average life expectancy of 9-11 years as they are easily prone to some serious health issues like breathing difficulties, heart problems, spinal disorders and problems related to their eyes.
  4. Care & Affection: The French bulldog being small and tiny and are easily prone to health problems. They require extensive care and affection. They are more ideal for families having some retire people or children who can spare time for them and not with people who have active lifestyle.
  5. Grooming: The bulldog require grooming on weekly basis but need plenty of care for its coat as they require lot of petting to keep it clean and in good condition. As they have long ears, so that need to be cleaned regularly.
  6. Living Conditions: The French bulldog is ideal for indoor. Extreme heat and outdoor activities can be dangerous as they can face some serious health issues like breathing problems, heart strokes etc.