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facts about french bulldogs

Issues relating to French Bulldogs

Published / by Jose Hill

French bulldog has its ancestral from England. This breed of dog didn’t find any attraction in England. In 1800’s, the Englishman starting exporting them to France. These are small sized and have bulky body and a flat shaped face. Known for its wrinkle face, bat like ears, having cute attraction and also its ability to get mix up with all age people make him the best family dog. Despite this dog having a glum expression, they are very comical and have a loving nature.

Despite these above loving traits and characteristics, there a bit of concerns to about French bulldogs. These need to be considered before opting for this breed of dog.

Issues relating to French Bulldogs

These are as follows:

  1. Problems due to Short face: The French bulldogs have a short flat face and a bulky body. There are some concerns related to short face like:
  • Due to short face, the respiratory system often gets compressed. So it is advised to keep them away from smoke, gas or pollution prone areas. It is advised not to smoke or use any chemical like floor cleaning chemical before them. The smell can cause serious breathing problems.
  • They have problems to hot and humid conditions. Excessive exposure to hot conditions can cause them breathing problems or even cause heart strokes.
  1. Use Y-Shaped harness: For French bull dogs, never use the collar tied to their neck for making them walk. This can put pressure on their windpipe and hence can cause breathing problems. Always use Y-shaped harness tied to their chest.
  2. Stubbornness: Although intelligent, most of the French bulldogs are stubborn in nature which becomes a challenge to train them. A high degree of consistency is required to teach them and make sure that you exactly mean what to want to say them.