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French Bulldogs Temperament – Pros and Cons

Published / by Jose Hill

French bulldog is a small sized and a cheerful breed of a dog. This dog after being exported from their ancestral country England to France in 1800’s, got well recognized by French people. This cute little bulldog is overall good in his temperament. Due to his cheerful and mischievous nature is good companion of children. They are loyal and are regarded as best family pets. Although small in size, not even the general household people but even the celebs have well recognized him as a family pet.

French Bulldogs Temperament - Pros and Cons

There are certain pros and cons related to the temperament of French bulldog.

These Pros are as follows:

  1. Intelligent: The French bulldogs are very intelligent and have ability to learn things quickly. A trained French bulldog is very well behaved and is an amazing human companion.
  2. Watch Dogs: A proper training to them coupled with their loyalty makes them an efficient and effective watch dog. They often do not bark but only at strangers at their house.
  3. Hunt Mice: The French bulldogs enjoy hunting mice at their house. So the owners need not to bother enough to catch the mice at their house, nor need them to keep cat for this purpose.
  4. Small Space: Being small in size, they do not require large space. Even a small front or back yard is all required to make them have fun and sleep.

The Cons are a follows:

  1. Stubborn: The most of the French bulldogs are stubborn by nature. This nature can be a challenge for any trainer to train them.
  2. Health Issues: Small sized, bulky body and flat face are sometimes problematic and can cause serious health issue like berating problems, gets exhausted very quickly, snores while sleeping and have tendency to droll even. They are poor in sports and can’t even swim in here to read more issues relating to French Bulldogs.