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facts about french bulldogs

Facts About French Bulldogs (Part 2)

Published / by Jose Hill

Some of the other important facts about the French bulldogs are as follows:


  1. Temperament: The French bulldogs overall have nice and cool temperament. They are one of the most mischievous breed of dog and are loved by every one of all ages in the family. Being loyal, they are regarded as the best family pet. This bulldog is very intelligent and has a strong sense of humor. Unless get stubborn sometimes, they are quite easy to train as they learn quickly.It has strong protective instincts and protects them whom he loves. They don’t bark all times but only on strangers at house. They are not sport friendly and can’t play for a longer time, else can have serious health problems.Facts About French Bulldogs (Part 2)
  1. Health Issues: The French bulldog being small and having bulky body is not sport friendly. They can’t exercise or play for longer time as they become tired too easily. They even can’t swim also. It is advised to make them away from smoke and dust. Due to their short sized face they can have serious respiratory problems. Excessive workout or outdoor games can make them feel tired and can be a reason for breathing problems or even heart strokes. They snores while sleeping and sometimes droll even.
  2. Habits: Eating food is a motivational fact for bulldog. They often use to eat more. The maximum weight of French bull dog is 28 pounds as per AKC standards. Anything above this level can also cause some serious health issues for them.
  3. Birth Issues: Most of the French bulldog female dog needs supervision of veterinarian at time of giving birth. Due to larger head of puppies it becomes difficult to get it passed through the mother birth canal. So it is advised to have proper assitence of a more fact by clicking here