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facts about french bulldogs

About French Bulldogs

Published / by Jose Hill

French bulldog is an average sized breed of domestic dog. They have a very affectionate and energetic personality. It is very easy to form a close and loving bond with them and that is the reason they are more famous as family pets. They too like to spend most of their time near humans and are as a very faithful watchdogs. This wonderful breed of dog is very affectionate and playful. Especially known for its wrinkle face and bat like ears, is a great companion for pet owners, families and their children. They are extremely loyal to their owner and need little exercise and grooming. Being short headed and having bulky body they get tired very easily and that is the reason they are not sport friendly. They are very intelligent and learn quite quickly while getting trained. It is a cute breed of a dog which is being extensively loved by children and is very easy to groom at home, but you can read some issues relating to french bulldogs at

In the year 2014, French bulldogs were the 4th most popular dog in United Kingdom and 9th in USA as most popular AKC registered dog breed.


The French bulldog has a history from England. They are a representative of English culture. The English people didn’t accept this version of breed and in 1800’s they started exporting the same to France. French people in order to distinguish it from English culture started injecting specific traits into the English version. Slowly and gradually this tiny little bulldog became very popular in France due to its friendly nature and ability to get mix with families of all ages and especially with children.


The French bulldogs are very easy to identify as on basis of some notable physical attributes listed below:

  • It has a smooth coat and un-cropped tail which is naturally straight.
  • Its large square shaped head with wide set of dark color eye, provide the bull dog with a very cute appearance.
  • The ears are rounded at the upper side and are broad at base. These are often referred to as Bat Ears.
  • The approx. weight of French bulldog ranges between 19-28 pounds and height while standing is approx. 12 inches from the shoulder. The French bull dog should not weigh more than 28 pounds as more weight will cause health problems and is also disqualified by AKC standards.
  • The varieties of colors of this breed are being like brindle, fawn, tan or white with brindle patches. The most common color found is brindle, followed by fawn.
  • It has a short and shiny and smooth coat. The coat has various colors and patterns. The most popular coat is in fawn color, which range from pale to darker brown shade.

About French Bulldogs


The French bulldogs have a very pleasing personality and form a good companion with humans and especially children. Some notable traits of personality are as below:

  • They are small, well behaved and are regarded as one of the best companion breed of dog around the world. They are loved and are easily adjustable with families of all sizes and ages.
  • They have a mischievous and clownish personality and stand out to carve attention of people wherever possible.
  • They don’t require extensive training and exercise as that like other breed of dogs. They love to play both outdoor and indoor games at day time and more comfortable relaxing on sofas at night. Among all ball chasing is just like passion of for French bulldogs.
  • This breed of dog is somewhat stubborn and is difficult to train, but very intelligent while learning. They grasp the things and respond quickly.

Health & Temperament Issues

The average life expectancy of French bulldog is 10-12 years. The overall health of this breed of dog is basically well. There are certain issue related to health and temperament of this breed, these are as follows:

  • At times of giving birth, most of the French bulldog female dog needs supervision of veterinarian. The puppies have a larger head compared to other breed of dogs. This cause difficulty in passing it through mother birth canal and problem of stocking is also there. This is also the reason of more number of cesarean cases.
  • The French breed dogs are not required to play in hot and humid conditions for a longer time. Being flat face, they can develop breathing problems. In case of the same, veterinarian guidance is taken.
  • French breed dogs have flat face, low height but a bulky body. Having a bulky body often causes problems in performing exercise and not is a sport friendly. It is suggested to have a short walk daily. They are also need to be monitored while playing with children as they often get excited and can get tired easily and have breathing problems.